When Things Go Well (Blog Post)

Things are difficult right now, in the macro sense. You hear some version of that statement from those around you constantly at the moment. Our country is in an odd place, between politics, abuses of power, the virus (which oddly seems like an afterthought some days), and the economy. Nothing feels the same as it […]

Why Do Bonds Matter?

Ian covers why bonds matter in an investing portfolio. Why not just invest all in on stocks? Hint: The answer has to do with rebalancing and negative correlation in your portfolio.

How To Evaluate a Mutual Fund

How To Evaluate a Mutual Fund: Ian walks through three basic criteria that he uses when he’s evaluating a mutual fund quickly. When you are evaluating a mutual fund, make sure to pay attention to the cost, relative performance in the category, and category that the fund is invested in.

Which Account Type Should You Use?

Which Account Type Should You Use?: Last week Ian covered How To Get Started Investing, so this week he’s talking through account types. Should you use a Brokerage, IRA, 401k, or something else?

The Steps To Begin Investing

The Steps to Begin Investing: Ian walks through the basic steps to start investing well. Start saving emergency funds, contribute to an investment account, research your initial investment, and diversify.

Two Year Anniversary!

TRANSCRIPT: What’s up internet? My name is Ian Bloom. Welcome to Open World Financial Life Planning’s second year anniversary video. I am your resident Financial Life Planner and huge nerd. I am coming to you from the porch of a cabin up in Burnsville, North Carolina, because I’m on my biannual retreat. I try to […]

Journey Home (Blog Post)

TRANSCRIPT: The sound of my FR-S’s engine is the only noise that permeates the stillness of the tranquil mountainside. My hand hangs out the window, feeling the cool air rush past it. I turn sharply at the next apex, relishing the force that carries my little car around the corner. I feel free. The engine […]