Term Glossary

In my blog posts I often reference some terms that are gaming-specific. I recognize the lexicon is not always easy to decipher, so I added this helpful reference to make my posts clearer.

General Terms

Real Life: Existing in real life, not playing a game. Also the game we are all playing.

Player: Any person. They might be a client.

Level: Age. Lower-level players tend to be young adults. High-level players are over the age of 50.

Class: Profession or skill set.

Server: Area or location. Servers in gaming are typically full of players and develop their own economies, just like geographic regions.

Playthrough: A life or a lifetime.

Guild: A company or organization.

Prereq: Something required to make progress. Prerequisite.

Buff: Anything that makes life easier or more fun. In gaming, something that boosts your stats.

Stats: How good you are at something. IE: A player with a high strength stat could lift very heavy weights!

I hope you enjoyed my term glossary and that this reference creates clarity. I will be updating this post as I add terms and I’ll be linking back to it in each of my posts.

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