Financial Life Planning

Comprehensive Financial Life Planning

Our comprehensive financial life planning process, “Your World Map”, is broken up into six phases – Discovery, Input, Design, Delivery, Implementation, and Review. The process typically takes about a year to fully complete, though the time frame does vary by client. If the relationship continues beyond the first year, the process is often revisited – at least partially. Life changes, so we want to make sure the client’s strategy adapts with it.

The fee schedule for comprehensive financial life planning ranges from $3,000 to $6,000 a year. The first year is billed 25% upfront and the remainder in equal monthly payments. If the arrangement carries on beyond the first year, the annual fee is billed monthly.

Financial Life Planning

Our Process at Open World

01: Discovery

We get to know each other and understand what your main quest and side quest are.

02: Input

We get very specific on your financial numbers, to understand where we are today.

03: Design

We compare scenarios to decide the best way to accomplish your main and side quests.

04: Delivery

We review the final financial life plan and a one-page list of changes needed to align with it.

05: Implementation

We discuss and complete the necessary changes in order to align with the financial life plan.

06: Review

We discuss what’s been accomplished so far and define the future relationship.

Complimentary First Meeting

We offer a Complimentary First Meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.

The Planning Process at Open World

What is financial planning like?
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