Patch Notes 3.1

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Patch Notes 3.1

The most recent Quarter of changes at Open World.

In this edition of Patch Notes we’re bringing you our quarterly update on all things happening at Open World. As the year winds down, some of the changes we worked on are wrapping up and there’s still some stuff to be worked on for next year. I’ll talk you through the progress:

Patch Updates:

Website Upgrade: The big change from August to now is a huge website rework! Please stop by to take in the new site, graphics, and functionality. While you’re there, why not give us a share?

Fee Structure: After reviewing fees charged at our firm versus the rest of the profession, we found that our current structure is actually the best way the firm can run for now. We will still be offering fixed annual planning fees, low investment management fees, and a fee waiver for those who choose to have us do both and meet certain criteria. This year there will be no change to our fees.

For more info on our fee structure, please feel free to review these pages: Financial Life Planning and Investment Management

Planned Changes Next Patch:

Branding and Marketing: This section included the website upgrade! There have been a few more pieces of content put out to round out the year. As the season sets in and planning is done for next year, you can look forward to a lot more!

Deliverables Rework: Basically I want the plans that come from Open World to be easier to read, more enjoyable to look at, and more helpful for our clients. This goes along with the Branding and Marketing piece, but I’m working on a “Household Character Sheet” that will be given to each of our clients (detailing the things you’re doing well financially and in your life, and the things you’ve said you want to improve), an update to the Quest Log we provide with each plan, and a simplified version of the plan we deliver by default that will be more “readable” and feature less unnecessary data than our current plan format.

These changes are certainly coming slower than I wanted them to. But, that’s how these things always go. Like most people, I underestimated how much time my recent move, surgery recovery, and other items in life would take up this quarter. When I bring you the firm’s next Patch Notes edition, you can expect tons of updates and much more content!

Do you have questions? You can always reach me at or book a time to talk at

Thanks for reading! Here’s some of our recent content for your enjoyment:

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