The Anti-Quick Fix

What do all three of these niche gaming trends have in common? They aren’t a quick fix. These trends are built off of days, weeks, months, or years of deliberate (and often slow) progress to a goal that only the individual can decide matters. They are the anti-quick fix.

Student Loans Update

The new student loan update, which introduces a new payment plan and a list of small changes to the formulas for other plans, is hefty! Whether this directly applies to you or you send along this post to someone it helps, you still may want to understand the basics of this new plan. SAVE Plan […]

2023 Newsletter And Updates

Welcome to 2023! I hope your holiday season and new year celebration was cathartic. I’ve come into the new year feeling extremely refreshed and excited! On a personal note, 2022 ended with me getting engaged to my lovely fiance, so I couldn’t be more excited to see where this year takes us. You’ll notice this […]

Using a Savings-First Strategy to Snag Buffs

players hoard their riches. This misconception often runs so deep that players will avoid seeking the help of a financial planner. The truth is that what you should be spending in Real Life depends on your class and level, as well as your individual stats. I want to propose an alternative idea to you; develop a savings plan for future buffs and spend the rest on buffs to your current build!

How R are your SUs?

Real Life has rules that aren’t always transparent when you first start your playthrough. One of the fastest paths to creating wealth in Real Life is accumulating a hoard of RSUs, at least on the current patch. There are a lot of prereqs that guilds put on their players before cashing in on their RSUs, so I made a guide to a lot of the common ones to help you in your grind. RSUs are stock grants made by public and private guilds that come with strings attached. If you understand the Restrictions of your guild’s Stock Units, you’ll make much better decisions when it comes to your own playthrough.

Patch Notes 3.2

As we kick off the beginning of the year and approach the end of the first quarter, there’s been a few points of progress at Open World. This Patch Notes will bring you up to speed. I’ve begun the update to our deliverables documents, so clients can now see more simplified snapshots of their plans. […]

Player-Owned Housing

Find my gaming-inspired blog posts difficult to read? You can find a helpful breakdown of terms used in this blog post on housing in this term glossary. I explain there what terms like Players and Real Life mean to me, as well as other terms. Hint: I like to nerd out and get inspired by […]

Term Glossary

In my blog posts I often reference some terms that are gaming-specific. I recognize the lexicon is not always easy to decipher, so I added this helpful reference to make my posts clearer. General Terms Real Life: Existing in real life, not playing a game. Also the game we are all playing. Player: Any person. […]

Patch Notes 3.1

Patch Notes 3.1 The most recent Quarter of changes at Open World. In this edition of Patch Notes we’re bringing you our quarterly update on all things happening at Open World. As the year winds down, some of the changes we worked on are wrapping up and there’s still some stuff to be worked on […]

The Fundamentals

I play a lot of Magic: The Gathering. If you know me, this is not a surprising fact at all. I bring this up because the game is something I think a lot about and it colors my thinking toward the rest of my life. One of the areas I’ve been thinking a lot about […]