What Can OWFLP Do For You?

”What Can Brown Do For You?” UPS came out with this very effective and somewhat memeable slogan back in the day. The slogan nods to two big ideas. The first is that UPS is willing to help improve others’ businesses and personal lives through their services. The second is that UPS is interested in asking […]

How to Use a Travel Credit Card

Please note: Throughout this article I reference two particular travel credit cards. As of the time of writing, they are the two that had features I knew best and that were good. This is not an endorsement of those cards now or in the future, as their features could change at any moment. This is […]

How the Tax Code Gives with One Hand and Takes with the Other

The tax deadline is quickly approaching. A lot of questions are swirling around taxes this time of year. What will my refund be? How much will I owe? How do I adjust my withholdings to make things better for next year? What can I do to save more on taxes? The truth about tax planning […]

Why CFP®?

A common question that financial planner’s get is “What makes a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ different from a non-CFP®?” This question in particular gets asked of me in a lot of my first meetings with potential new clients. I get it. There are a ton of different financial professionals that hold themselves out as financial planners. […]

Weathering the Storm

Best laid plans, right? These days it seems like a storm is always on the horizon. No matter what your lived experience is, you’ve had to pivot due to an unpredictable life circumstance before. We just experienced that in our household. I won’t go into specifics, but safe to say we lost almost a week […]

Vacation Planning: A Quick Tutorial

If you’re like me, you probably need time to reset each year. With spring and summer fast approaching, you may find yourself wishing for a change of scenery. Thankfully the new house has delayed or reset that timer a bit for our household – I’m still learning my new routines- but, eventually the time will […]

Well…That Was Big. What’s Next?

Change is inevitable. Time flows ever forward. I know this is obvious to some, but it bears repeating. I have recently had to adapt to a big change, buying our home, and that has effects that reach deep into the other financial aspects of my life. The larger mortgage has affected my savings rate, my […]

The Modern Homebuyer Story

I was inspired to write today by some conversations I saw from my colleagues – people who couldn’t imagine buying a home at an 8% interest rate today. The typically back-and-forth begins with something like: “I just helped a client buy a $500,000 home at 8%. Wild!”“Back in my day, 8% was normal! It may […]

Writing Wednesdays

Today is my first “Writing Wednesday” of the year. I am working on getting back to writing more educational content, both for the benefit of my clients and those out there who read my writing on a regular basis. I have struggled with discipline in this area ever since I stopped posting YouTube videos quite […]

The Anti-Quick Fix

What do all three of these niche gaming trends have in common? They aren’t a quick fix. These trends are built off of days, weeks, months, or years of deliberate (and often slow) progress to a goal that only the individual can decide matters. They are the anti-quick fix.