What Can OWFLP Do For You?

”What Can Brown Do For You?” UPS came out with this very effective and somewhat memeable slogan back in the day. The slogan nods to two big ideas. The first is that UPS is willing to help improve others’ businesses and personal lives through their services. The second is that UPS is interested in asking you what you actually need and will work with you to provide it. The commercials ultimately leaned toward displaying all the services that UPS could offer you to hopefully help out (and earn them some money as well!)

As a financial planner, I also want to help my clients live better lives and I am interested in what you actually need. Looking through that lens, here are a few examples of what I would include in a similar commercial for Open World Financial Life Planning.

A Working Young Couple
  • Clarity around big purchases – A house, a massive vacation, a car, etc.
  • Vision for the future – How to plan to start a family, how much to save now for retirement, etc.
  • Cash flow help – Savings strategies, understanding spending, and where to save.
  • Financial education – How to invest, what’s an estate plan, insurance information, and more.
  • Here are a few more examples.

A Tired Late-Career Worker
  • Clarity around retirement timeline – Savings progress report, investment strategy evaluation, and when to claim social security.
  • Distribution planning – Timing and tax implications of distributions, account distribution priority, and safe withdrawal rates.
  • Benefits navigation – Pension strategy, health insurance selection, etc.
  • Peace of mind – A consistent sanity check on their spending, their goals, and their well-being.
  • Here are a few more examples.
A Stressed-Out Business Owner
  • How to eventually exit the grind – Retirement savings, setting up a retirement plan for the business, etc.
  • Delegation of financial minutia – Automation of financial tasks, accountability coaching, etc.
  • Blind spot checks – Estate planning, insurance needs, and other non-investment details.
  • Lifestyle clarity – Vacation frequency, spending, and other important time-off checks.
  • Here are a few more examples.

As you can see, for different clients I offer a lot of different services. That’s why financial planners often struggle to put what they do into a few words. The answer is: “Whatever you need to have done with a dollar sign involved.” For young couples, the work often centers on achieving big financial goals. For workers later in their career path, the same work is often centered around a retirement target date. Finally, business owners are usually just concerned with knowing that they are balancing their life – financial achievement and personal achievement.

If you need help with any of these things or something completely different, reach out to me by booking a first appointment on my calendar or send me an email. I’d love to learn more about how I can help you.

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