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As a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning firm we help you focus your money toward your main quest, the thing that is most important in your life. We use a financial life planning methodology to define and focus on that main quest, then balance things like cash flow, savings, investing, and risk management to support the quest. Our process is collaborative, and we believe good collaboration takes time, so our arrangements take about a year.

Financial Life Planning

Our Process at Open World

01: Discovery

We get to know each other and understand what your main quest and side quest are.

02: Input

We get very specific on your financial numbers, to understand where we are today.

03: Design

We compare scenarios to decide the best way to accomplish your main and side quests.

04: Delivery

We review the final financial life plan and a one-page list of changes needed to align with it.

05: Implementation

We discuss and complete the necessary changes in order to align with the financial life plan.

06: Review

We discuss what’s been accomplished so far and define the future relationship.


The clients we prioritize serving are nerds and people with intense passions. If you are more focused on growing into your life than building your retirement funds, managing your cash flows, or dealing with your estate plan, we might be a good partner for you. Our clients tend to recognize the importance of money as a tool, and most of them understand it, but they want a professional to deal with their money on an ongoing basis and give them guidance toward their future.

Interested in potentially working with us?

The process to get started goes like this:

Book A Meeting:
The first meeting is no obligation, and you can access our client calendar here or down below.

Attend the Meeting: 
At this meeting, you will get a sense of how we work together, get a quote for any relationships we discuss, and we’ll book a follow-up to answer any further questions. You will also leave the meeting with a copy of your Compass exercise, which is designed to help you answer questions about your financial future.

Make Your Decision: 
Between the first and second meeting, you can decide whether we’re a good fit. Decide what service you would like to have, and show up to the next meeting. There will still be no pressure to say “yes”, but we’ll either start working on the plan or point you in a direction to get started on your own.

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