Why Choose Us

Choosing a financial planner is all about finding the person who suits you best. There are plenty of good folks out there! Here are some of the defining features of our services:
More Than Just Money

Financial Life Planning focuses on your life. While money is important, it’s truly just the details to support the life you want to live. Our goal is to help all of our clients move toward their ideal life, and we hold them accountable to doing that. While we cannot make miracles happen, we will help you visualize what your main quest is and help you complete it!

Ongoing Advice

By operating our services on a monthly retainer basis, we make sure to provide ongoing advice. Our clients often delegate the handling of financial tasks to us for that reason. While we don’t do your taxes for you, we can often coordinate with other advisors, sit on conference calls with you, and help with the financial tasks that are otherwise difficult. Feel free to delegate!

Specific Focus

While we do not only take on traditionally thought-of "Nerds" as our clients, we do focus on younger people with passions. The reason we chose this is because we understand the concerns you might have more personally - in a lot of cases, we've been there. Balancing work, passions, and relationships is hard and we will help you with achieving that balance.


Your goals are important. Yet, life tends to get in the way of you achieving them. Our clients tend to appreciate our ability to hold them to the goals they set with us, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


When you use us as your financial planning firm we operate as your fiduciary. Put simply, if we are your fiduciary, we have to act and provide advice in your best interest at all times. We work alongside your other advisors such as accountants and attorneys to ensure that any advice we are providing you is held to that high standard.


Implementing changes to your financial life can be scary. We will never make a change to your current financial life without spending time to teach you the hows and the whys. Our clients tend to really appreciate the time we spend with them and the depth of knowledge we try to impart. It’s important to us that you leave every meeting knowing just a little more than when you came in.

Complimentary First Meeting

We offer a Complimentary First Meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.

Our Clients

How do I know if WE would be a great fit?
My ideal clients have a few easy-to-identify qualities:


Nerds are people who have a passion for something, so much so that they sometimes lose focus on other things. That passion could be gaming, engineering, comics, graphic design, or anything else. The key is that you want to DO that thing. Passionate people are fun!


My clients like to offload the financial stress onto me. I am a nerd who is passionate about finance, and good clients are comfortable knowing I’m looking out for them. While I ultimately strive to teach skills and educate, my clients trust me to handle things on their behalf.


My favorite clients care about others a whole awful lot. People who care are focused on making the world a better place for those they care about, and that’s inspiring. Whether it’s family, friends, or a specific cause/group of people - the best clients care.


Working with people who want to do the minimum is draining. I enjoy working with people who are not only passionate, but are looking to achieve within their life. That does not always mean they want to be billionaires, but it does mean they value the internal feeling of achievement.

A Sense Of Humor

Life is dull if you can’t tell a joke. While we will be working on serious topics and learning a lot about one another, it’s a huge bonus if you can make me smile. A good sense of humor makes life all the more enjoyable.