Patch Notes 3.3

This Patch Notes brings you a single, smaller update and a host of things that I’m working on. The only updates to the firm this quarter were made with the goals of getting more efficient and streamlined in the data gathering process so that I can focus more on getting work done for you as clients! For upcoming changes we have a potential big software change and a content idea.

Already Changed
  • New Questionnaires/Automations: For the first time we are moving from PDFs and Word Docs you have to fill and email back to a JotForm integration for our Homework Packet and Estate Planning Questionnaire. This will help speed up the process of gathering information when we need to so that I can focus more on you and your goals as clients!
  • YouCanBookMe Update: I have realized a greater need for quick, impromptu meetings to help my clients handle life’s changes. I have updated OpenWorldFP.YouCanBook.Me to reflect my availability and quicker meetings as my clients need them.

Planned Changes:
  • Evaluation Period for a Right Capital license: I will be evaluating a potential switch in financial planning software. Advizr served us well over the first three years of the firm. However, the software has not kept up with consistent quality-of-life updates. The firm providing the software went through an acquisition as well. Any time a software goes through a change in ownership, it raises some eyebrows regarding its longevity. All that is a long way of saying I am looking for the next financial planning software to use. Right Capital is used by a lot of my colleagues and thought of highly. I’ll be beta testing it with some clients starting in July. If you want to be in the beta, you can let me know via email.
  • The Quest for Financial Peace: This will be a content series focusing on the stories of real people and their quest for financial peace in this world, told by a Game Master in tabletop narration style. I will be changing names and some details for privacy and embellishment, of course. I’m still working on how to bring this series to light, but if you’d like your story told, please let me know! I know many of my clients and readers have awesome life stories.

Here are some excerpts from my recent blog posts, click the links to read the full posts!

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