How Do I Handle Holiday Hosting?


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In today’s video, well…winter is coming and so are the holidays. This month we are going to be kicking off a series of videos that’s going to be focused on getting you through the holidays alive and financially safe. The first part to this is talking a little bit about what happens if you have to host a holiday party, so let’s get started.

As a host, remember this is your kingdom. You are the king or the queen of this castle. If somebody says something that really doesn’t sit well with you, don’t worry about it, they can’t hurt you here. This is your place. That being said, as a host, there are some certain expectations of you. Let’s go through the three big things that you’ll want to take care of.

First, you’ll want to make sure the place looks nice. A good kingdom is clean and well taken care of. It doesn’t take a lot, but just go around and tidy up. Vacuum, dust, or whatever before you receive your guests. While you may not notice it during your day-to-day life, the little bit of lack of cleanliness that you may have in your house is frankly more noticeable to other people when they enter your home. It’s just the way it is.

The second thing you want to make sure to do is procure some entertainment. For other nerds it may be sufficient just to hook up Super Smash Bros to the TV or in some cases just put out a board game that’s nice and complex and hand them the rulebook while you go off to cook. That’s easy. However, with family members it can get a little more complex. I suggest finding a pretty neutral game that family members can play or some puzzles that they can do, as well as throwing a sports game on the TV if that’s the kind of person that they are. Neutral games that are a good fit are Scrabble and Bananagrams or some other similar puzzle-solving games such as Sorry or Trivial Pursuit. These are very very simple games that everybody can play and all ages can participate in. It’ll keep them entertained for you.

Finally, some refreshments are a must. Refreshments are a very very big deal when it comes to entertaining. Frankly, if you don’t have something to sip on or something to snack on you notice. In general, just make sure to have some stuff on hand. Whether you make it a BYOB situation, so that people can make sure to bring stuff that they prefer or whether you have stuff on hand, just make sure that it’s there. Keep in mind of course that you are the host and you’re providing the space, so guests can contribute or you can choose a budget limit that you’re willing to spend on your guests ahead of time. Do some careful planning.

So wrapping up, careful planning or a little bit of forethought around all of these three subjects – the cleanliness, the entertainment, and finally, the refreshments that you have on hand – will make hosting a breeze. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun to do but if you don’t take some time to plan for this event it can get a little bit stressful. Thanks so much for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please make sure to like, comment, subscribe, interact with the video in any way that you want and then make sure to find your way over to our website at There you can find the blog, which much like this youtube channel features all the videos that I’ve produced. But, it also has a transcript of all those videos if you’re just looking to find some key highlights. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

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