Financial Neutral for Collaborative Divorce

Financial Neutral

Money is complicated and it’s often among the top concerns within a separating couple. Having a professional understand the financial realities of a household and illustrate each spouse’s financial outcomes post-separation ensures each spouse lands on their feet after the divorce is settled.

Who You Are Hiring

My name is Ian Bloom. I am a financial life planner focused on helping relieve clients of financial stress and worry so that they can focus on the lives they want to live. I strive to combine the financial acumen of a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® with the listening skills and visionary work of a Registered Life Planner® to help couples navigate the financial complexities of the collaborative divorce process. As someone who has been through divorce, I am aware that the divorce process is often a complex financial puzzle, but that it can result in the optimal use of the couples’ financial resources if done properly.

In my role as a financial neutral, I assist with the creation of a marital balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and establishing post-agreement budgets. Additionally, I help facilitate discussion about each individual’s financial interests and the pros and cons of different financial options relating to divorce.

What do we work on?

As a financial neutral in a collaborative divorce setting, I work to understand the finances that exist in the household at the point of separation so that the attorneys involved can represent you best during the discussion with each other.

Balance Sheet

High Level Overview
Accounting for all of the assets in the household is the first step toward a separation agreement. I gather documents and help each of you visualize your balance sheet.

Cash Flow

Landing On Your Feet
Both before and after the separation, your cash flow matters. I help each of you plan for your income sources and expenses before and after the separation agreement.


Productive Conversations
Often it is hard for two members of separating couple to see eye-to-eye financially. I can sit in on the collaborative conferences to help ease communication around money.

Complimentary First Meeting

We offer a Complimentary First Meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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